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Chrysalis's aim is to develop people into elite performers and we make no apologies for using that phrase. This is because for us, elite performance is simply about pushing the boundaries of one's potential.

Our passion is to show people how talented they actually are. Our aim is to enable people to see and articulate their purpose, understand their start point and help them commit to fulfilling their vision. Our success is because we challenge those who we teach. We do not settle for mediocrity. We show people how to achieve at the highest possible levels.


All of Chrysalis's personnel have performed in elite environments, have taught elite performers and continue to do so. Most importantly, our team pushes the boundaries of potential of those who wish to make a difference in their world: from children to students to business people and sportsmen and women. The common theme between us that we love to show people how to succeed. 

The whole ethos of leadership courses through his body.
– Stephen Archer
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