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Floyd Woodrow MBE is the Chairman and CEO of Chrysalis Worldwide, the world’s leading values-based performance optimization organization.
He coaches elite international athletes and sporting teams, the world’s leading banks, financial services companies, governments, education institutions, police forces, emergency services and international corporations on all aspects of elite performance and leadership.
Floyd’s unique and highly innovative training programmes were developed over a 20-year period, working in situations which demand the highest possible level of personal and corporate performance.
Previously Floyd was one of the youngest soldiers ever to be selected for the UK’s elite Special Air Service Regiment (SAS) at the age of 22.  He has served in many different operational areas globally, and was awarded the UK’s second-highest award for gallantry, the Distinguished Conduct Medal, for his services whilst in Afghanistan.
Floyd has studied law and psychology and is currently undertaking a PhD.


Floyd is quite simply a one-off - a truly unique individual with extraordinary experiences and skills. He combines sensitivity, awareness and passion tempered by an understanding of the harsh realities of situations. In front of teams of people, and individuals, be they elite athletes or senior executives, he commands respect and enables group and personal insight into sharpening team and individual performance, relationships and problem solving. He embodies capability, attitude, and integrity in his special ability to develop people.  
Roger Lewis, Group Chief Executive, Welsh Rugby Union.



I have known Floyd Woodrow for a long time and have recently been working with him on a major project to enhance the mental toughness of young cricketers involved in the England and Wales Cricket Board Academy system.

Floyd is a remarkable man - he had a very distinguished career in the Army, including responsibility for the training of Special Air Services personnel and, during this period, developed a very strong interest in the psychological aspects of Training.  As a result of this interest, he developed a very broad knowledge-base regarding both psychological and physiological aspects of Training, which he brought to bear on the project on which we worked together. Floyd is a pleasure to work with - he is extremely open and honest, very creative, has no 'ego', and is equally task and person-focused.  His practical knowledge of high level performance across a wide range of different domains, including military, sport and business, is quite outstanding. I am pleased to have been given the opportunity to recommend him to you and I do so whole-heartedly and with absolutely no reservations whatsoever.
Lew Hardy    BA MA PhD CPsychol
Professor and Head of College
College of Health & Behavioural Sciences Bangor University



Waterstones has a whole section devoted to self-help, business schools teach leadership development and most modern companies invest heavily in helping their staff realise their potential. So what makes Floyd stand out in a complicated marketplace? For me three things come to mind. Firstly Floyd is successful and you know that he has applied his ideas to great effect in his own life. So there is a good reason to listen to what he says. Secondly he gets to the heart of what makes you tick - quickly. In time you realise that he has glued together the best of current thinking with his own ideas into a single, simple model. This makes it easy to know what to do next and where you are headed.

Lastly, if he works with you then he is serious about helping you realise your potential. And he expects hard work and commitment in return. He doesn't just ask questions and then suggest a plan that is little more than a reflection of your own ideas.

But if you need to be convinced don't spend time thinking about my words, just look at the other people he works with.
Stephen Huxter CEO Buybox.



That combination of knowledge, experience and commitment to Leadership and Development placed Floyd far above other experts we considered. I highly recommend him to you.
Bob Pennington, Assistant Chief Constable Devon and Cornwall Police.



I have worked with Floyd Woodrow on a number of projects relating to the development and delivery of leadership and crisis management training.  His dynamic and incisive approach coupled with his real life experience ensured a quality of delivery that exceeded clients’ expectations.
David Goulding, Business Development Director, Britam Defence Limited



Floyd Woodrow is a man in a million!  His positive 'can-do' nature has been an inspiration, not only to me, but to countless people.  His energy, enthusiasm and common sense approach to life is a brilliant model that should be studied by others who want to make the most of their lives.   Floyd is a born leader who possesses the personal communication skills and emotional intelligence to motivate individuals and teams to strive for excellence.  His philosophy for personal success is equally applicable in management, industry, sport and education.  I recommend Floyd Woodrow without reservation!
Dr Neil Hawkes, International Consultant for Values-Based Education™



Floyd is an inspirational speaker who can draw on parallels from his vast leadership experience to educate and motivate athletes and coaches in the high performance sport environment.
Justine Willmott, Paralympics GB Performance Manager



Floyd's credentials to speak about elite performance are absolute, though his real gift is his ability to communicate his message through everything he says and does.  After reading his CV and then experiencing him first hand.  I can assure everyone Floyd does exactly what it says on the tin, true authentic leadership.
Peter Moores, England Team Manager.


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Floyd is one of the most insightful and challenging leaders I've come across.
– Vincent K O’Neill, MBE
Olympic & Paralympic Policing Coordination (OPC) Team


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